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Make sure your team is trained not only for every routine task, but also for the rare or unexpected situations that are business-critical to master. Track actions and reactions as users learn in your fully immersive VR environments where anything is possible. Transform your training opportunities today! 

Reasons To Use VR Technology For Job Training


Retention Rates

Studies prove interactivity improves learning retention rates by up to 85% over passive e-learning

Easy Execution Anywhere

Eliminate the need for travel, optimize instructor’s time, and automate results reporting


Quickly implement pre-configured courses for common needs such as OSHA and SOP training

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Explore the possibilities that Titania® VR Solutions can bring to your organization.

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“Facing limited course availability for new and refresher classes, EPRI integrated VR into their course in 2019.  Though there is an upfront cost to build our environment, the business case for moving ahead as quickly as possible was overwhelming.”

Chris Joffe

Sr. Technical Leader, EPRI

Titania® Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Learn How Our Virtual Reality Training Solutions Are Applied Across Industry

PPE Protocol VR Training

Fire Equipment VR Training

Lockout / Tagout Procedure Training

VR Training for Hazardous or Dangerous Environments

Hazard Recognition Training

VR for New Employee and Upskill Training

VR Training for Energy Gas Utilities