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Virtual Reality Training
for Hazardous or Dangerous Environments

Accidents happen, but on-the-job training mishaps shouldn’t be one of them. Oberon Technologies helps organizations avoid accidents, prevent injury and prepare for crisis situations. Our virtual reality (VR) training solutions put your employees in photo-realistic environments where they can experience real-world dangers, practice new safety protocols and other procedures without risk of injury or exposure to hazardous environments.   Our fully immersive, interactive solutions bring entertainment-level VR to commercial applications. Utilizing sense-memory training techniques, we can reduce human error in your workplace and eliminate training incidences, while saving your organization on costs due to equipment shut-downs, production delays, and even lower insurance rates.

Industries Using Virtual Reality For Hazardous Job Training

Prepare for the unexpected. Many organizations are using VR in hostile environments to prevent common workplace injuries and to practice rare or emergency procedures without risk of exposure to potentially hazardous materials. These are the types of scenarios that can’t be easily replicated in a classroom setting.


For example, an engineer can practice how to safely and quickly reach a specific location in a nuclear plant and service equipment without the risk of exposure to radiation. In a manufacturing setting, assembly teams can practice equipment repairs without risk of injury or the cost of suspending the production line. A new equipment operator who isn’t skilled enough yet to operate equipment safely in a construction environment – potentially causing work delays or accidents – can practice before going on the job. With VR training courses, employees can practice dangerous procedures in safe and risk-free virtual environments.


  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Utilities/Energy
  • Nuclear
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Military and Defense

Training Uses for Virtual Reality in High Risk Environments

VR and AR training has shown to be more effective than traditional classroom or computer-based training, because it allows students to “do” the tasks. Trainees can practice tactile movements and apply their learning in immersive and realistic environments through trial and error. Feedback is immediate in terms of a successful completion of a task or failed attempt. Certain environments, frequently found in the nuclear, manufacturing and energy sectors, are cost-prohibitive or too high-risk to recreate or experiment in the real environment. VR allows companies to create an exact representation of their own environment, equipment or floorplan, providing employees with the next best alternative to learning in a dangerous situation. See some of the eye-opening statistics that illustrate the impact and business value of adopting VR solutions for training.
Why Choose Oberon For Virtual Reality Solutions

As an industry leader and one of the first to market in VR and XR training solutions, Oberon can bring your company to the forefront of its industry with best-in-class employee training. We bridge the gap between commercially available software packages and innovative technology solutions to ensure you receive the most innovative and efficient training solutions that benefit your employees and bottom line. Leveraging decades of experience in designing and implementing comprehensive content lifecycle solutions, we evolved our offerings to provide dynamic online delivery and fully immersive VR training solutions. This deep industry knowledge allows us to operate as an extension of our client’s team and to bring innovative solutions that are based on best practices and implementation successes.


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