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Titania® PPE Protocol

Protect the safety of your employees by teaching them how to minimize their exposure to a variety of hazards

Hazards exist in every workplace in many different forms. Simply making PPE available to your employees is not enough to ensure their safety, you must also ensure each employee understands how to select and properly use the equipment provided.  Data shows that most workers who suffer injuries aren’t wearing the appropriate PPE. With proper PPE training your employees can learn to avoid and overcome this leading cause of preventable injuries. 

This course will help Trainees develop the know-how to:

  • Identify the various types of PPE and use cases for maximum protection
  • Perform a ‘hazard assessment’ and identify the proper PPE for each circumstance
  • Properly use, clean, and care for the PPE
  • Avoid common PPE compliance mistakes
  • Know when to inform a supervisor of the need to repair or replace PPE

Make the investment to protect your employees and your business by:

  • Reinforcing the critical importance of proper PPE use
  • Improving Trainee memory retention with repetitive and sense memory activities
  • Creating student and facility specific training scenarios
  • Capturing user analytics and feedback to continuously improve your courses

Built on a Scalable Platform 

A powerful and flexible foundation

The Titania® VR Training Platform enables real-time delivery and download of the most up-to-date training experiences and materials via a common browser on any device.  Track course views, capture user feedback, and manage all aspects of your training delivery solution.  Purpose-built for performance, scalability, and flexibility, the platform provides the foundation upon which you can add any number of Training applications along with all related support or reference materials (e.g. videos, manuals, SOPs).  Titania®’s open API allows you to easily integrate your training applications into your enterprise ecosystem.
Titania® Virtual Reality Training Solutions

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