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Titania Lockout/Tagout Procedure Training

Learn how to control hazardous energy sources
when performing service or maintenance procedures

Prepare your team to safely work with energized machinery or equipment – without risking the staff’s safety or damaging your facility.  Trainees can practice standard procedures to shut-down equipment, isolate it from energy sources, and prevent release of potentially hazardous energy in a completely safe, immersive, photo-realistic virtual world.  Challenge trainees with typical and unexpected developments. Create an unlimited number of scenarios simulating years of field experience – preparing your team for anything.

This course will allow you to evaluate Trainees ability to:

  • Locate the right equipment
  • Perform proper procedural steps
  • Identify and use appropriate tools
  • Detect issues and areas of concern
  • React to and resolve unexpected circumstances

Make the investment that will deliver more value from all of your training resources by:

  • Optimizing training managers time with analytics reports and simultaneous training sessions
  • Improving Trainee memory retention with repetitive and sense memory activities
  • Creating student specific and alternate retraining scenarios
  • Capturing use analytics and feedback to continuously improve your courses

Built on a Scalable Platform 

A powerful and flexible foundation

The Titania VR Training Platform enables real-time delivery and download of the most up-to-date training experiences and materials via a common browser on any device.  Track course views, capture user feedback, and manage all aspects of your training delivery solution.  Purpose-built for performance, scalability, and flexibility, the platform provides the foundation upon which you can add any number of Training applications along with all related support or reference materials (e.g. videos, manuals, SOPs).  Titania’s open API allows you to easily integrate your training applications into your enterprise ecosystem. 

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