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Titania® Warehouse Hazard Recognition Training

Keep your workers safe, while also keeping
your business compliant and running smoothly

Your warehouse contains not only your stock, but also many hazards.  Warehouse hazards can also change from moment to moment, depending on the tasks employees are performing, the equipment they’re using, and the materials they’re handling.  Make sure your employees are properly trained so they understand the hazards, take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents and injuries, while also ensuring your warehouse is in compliance with safety rules.  A better informed workforce is always better for business.

This course will help you train warehouse employees so that can:

  • Detect hazards – taking the time to evaluate what could be an issue
  • Identify and use all safety equipment from PPE to fire extinguishers and emergency exits
  • Adhere to rules for walking and working surfaces
  • Understand proper techniques for lifting and stacking to avoid damage to stock and harm to employees

Make the investment in VR training so that you can:

  • Improve response times
  • Reinforce actions to prevent accidents and further risks
  • Improve Trainee memory retention with repetitive and sense memory activities
  • Create facility specific training and retraining scenarios
  • Capturing user analytics and feedback to continuously improve your courses

Built on a Scalable Platform 

A powerful and flexible foundation

The Titania® VR Training Platform enables real-time delivery and download of the most up-to-date training experiences and materials via a common browser on any device.  Track course views, capture user feedback, and manage all aspects of your training delivery solution.  Purpose-built for performance, scalability, and flexibility, the platform provides the foundation upon which you can add any number of Training applications along with all related support or reference materials (e.g. videos, manuals, SOPs).  Titania®’s open API allows you to easily integrate your training applications into your enterprise ecosystem.

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