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Titania® Web
Collaboration Suite

Allow anyone to contribute to the content production process

The Titania® Web Editor and Titania® Web Reviewer in this Collaboration Suite provide an intuitive web-based interface that captures valid XML behind the scenes. Though it is ideal to have everyone working in XML content, the complexities of using traditional XML authoring and review tools has made it unfeasible… until now!  These browser-based tools allow casual authors and reviewers to easily collaborate with the docs team streamlining all aspects of the content production process.

On-demand Webinar – Documentation completing the Digital Thread

Expert Panelist from Steris, CIMdata and Oberon share how web-based content tools improve process across the product lifecycle. Titania® tools are used to:
  • Shorten content create, review and publishing cycles.
  • Simplify the capture of text and non-textual content from all contributors.
  • Eliminate documentation burdens on SMEs, IT and authoring teams.
  • Improve consistency and accuracy of product information.

CIMdata Commentary - Titania® Delivers Intelligent Engineering Content

Product development companies strain to author and deliver the volume of product documentation necessary to produce and support their products. The drain on engineering staff to produce and review the technical materials cuts into their productivity, which could be better directed toward product development. Oberon has created the Titania® Web Collaboration Suite to ease these burdens. CIMdata reviews the solution and believes it fills a pressing need.   Read the full commentary and request a demo to see how well the tools fit your needs.
“CIMdata recognizes the strength of the Titania® solution and the role it can play in improving a company’s ability to deliver their products with a better-quality experience for their clients.”
Titania® Web Editor

Allow casual authors and SMEs to easily create content that can be seamlessly incorporated into the document production process – reducing burden, saving time, and increasing information accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, web-based interface
  • Real-time XML validation, with no visible tagging
  • Bookmap or topic-based authoring view
  • Copy & Paste using familiar keyboard shortcuts
  • Include non-textual content (graphics, videos, formulas, etc.)
  • Apply critical metadata assignment
  • Support for Global Languages (Unicode characters and left-to-right)
  • Seamless integration with Windchill (check out, check in, workflows)
Titania® Web Reviewer

Make content reviews easier and faster by focusing reviews to only relevant information components, enabling collaborative online review, and automating the integration of feedback directly into source content.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous commenting and annotations
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Complete or filtered view of comments
  • Clear detail on review needed and resolution
  • Progress tracking via Review dashboard
  • Easy Windchill workflow integration

Windchill UI Integration

Leverage the workflow automation, component content management, and collaboration capabilities of this industry leading PLM system to enable content contributors, reviewers, and authors to easily work together to streamline your organization’s end to end content production process.  Make Engineering and Documentation team collaboration seamless. 

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