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Virtual Reality for New Employee and Upskill Training

Many changes to the job market, from the pandemic to the growing retirement of baby boomers, has many employers looking for more efficient ways to on board new employees and get existing employees to move up in skill level. Oberon is helping speed up the onboarding process, increase training efficiency and allow employers to screen candidates more effectively for challenging and complex roles. The photo-realistic and fully immersive environments allow you to see how employees will perform when faced with real-world scenarios, both tactically and emotionally. Our fully immersive, interactive solutions bring entertainment-level VR to commercial applications. Utilizing sense-memory training techniques, we can reduce human error in your workplace and eliminate training incidences, while saving your organization on costs due to equipment shut-downs, production delays, and even lower insurance rates.

Industries Using Virtual Reality for Training

Learning and mastering new skills take time, and classroom and computer-based courses do not have the same impact and knowledge retention as training that involves doing. Virtual Reality allows employers to create training environments in which trainees experience scenarios in minutes or hours that may otherwise take years to encounter on the job. Having the ability to complete and repeat training allows employees to learn faster, retain knowledge longer and experience more. Employers can evaluate trainees’ ability to perform specific tasks in specific environments. For example, a trainee can operate a fire extinguisher to put out an unexpected explosion near them or a trainee can repair machinery in a confined space or at extreme heights. Knowing your employees’ capabilities before they are put into a real-world situation allows you to expand employees’ abilities and minimize skills gaps to retain and recruit new people.


  • Utilities and Energy Providers
  • Nuclear, Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Mining and Heavy Industry
  • Trucking and Transportation
  • Industrial and High-tech Manufacturing


  • New employee onboarding
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Advanced skills training
  • Hazard identification
  • Safety procedures
  • Compliance training
  • Skills and environment screening

Benefits of Virtual Reality Training

Our fully immersive, interactive training solutions bring realistic virtual environments to your organization. Because VR utilizes sense-memory techniques, knowledge retention rates are dramatically increased and neither trainees and nor equipment is placed at risk. A recent 2020 PWC study shows employees completed VR programs 4 times faster than in-person training and 1.5 times faster than e-learning. In addition, VR training results in retention rates of up to 80% one year after training, compared to 20% just one week after traditional training.
XR Association Shares Insights and Industry Trends
See why XR-based workforce training is identified as key tool to addressing America’s Employment crisis by HR Professionals.   “XR technologies deployed for workforce training are a game changer to achieve better learning outcomes, address America’s employment crisis, and create more equitable workplaces.”   Liz Hyman, CEO, XR Association
Why Choose Oberon For Virtual Reality Solutions
As an industry leader and one of the first to market in VR and XR training solutions, Oberon can bring your company to the forefront of its industry with best-in-class employee training. We bridge the gap between commercially available software packages and innovative technology solutions to ensure you receive the most effective and efficient training solutions to benefit both your employees and bottom line. Leveraging decades of experience in designing and implementing comprehensive content lifecycle solutions, we evolved our offerings to provide dynamic online delivery and fully immersive VR training solutions. This deep industry knowledge allows us to operate as an extension of your team and bring innovative solutions to your company that are based on best practices and proven implementation successes.
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