Oberon Technologies

Virtual Reality
Transforming Training in the
Nuclear Industry

A White Paper from Reuters Events and Oberon Technologies®

Find out what Exelon, Framatome, EPRI, and the CNSC already know…

“Exelon’s VR training environment allows the technicians to practice in a safe environment, increasing their proficiency so they may perform work effectively while also reducing exposure when repairs are needed”.  
Marvin Burdick, Corporate M&T Training Manager, Exelon


“EPRI started integration VR into the [training] course in 2019. There was an upfront cost to building the environment, but the business case to moving ahead a quickly as possible was overwhelming.”

Chris Joffe,  Senior Technical Lead, EPRI

VR reduces mockup building and storage costs, but also more closely matches a real environment both in scale and surroundings. “Your brain is convincing you that you are in that location,”

Jonathan Scruggs, Vice President of Non-destructive Examination Solutions, Framatome


VR is seeing “huge, huge uptake” among nuclear operators.

Kevin Lee, Senior Regulatory Policy Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

Realizing Real Savings from Virtual Training Experiences

Operating nuclear plants in a smooth, safe and compliant way requires almost perfect employee processes. And perfection requires practice. That is why nuclear energy providers spend millions of dollars a year on training.


The best possible nuclear training site is the real-life environment, absent the radiation, but that’s impossible.  As a result, plant operators typically have to rely on mock-ups that generalize and simulate only a specific task or area of the real plant. Then trainees have to adapt on the fly during real-life use of the procedure or process. These traditional nuclear training environments represent a compromise between accuracy and cost. 


Now VR (Virtual Reality) experiences are turning the impossible into a reality by providing as a safe and cost-effective training alternative that looks and feels real. By providing a fully immersive environment that can realistically represent the entire plant, trainees can work through real-world scenarios and even address unexpected circumstances in a safe radiation free training experience.  Now saving millions on training instead of spending millions is possible with VR.

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