Oberon Technologies

Oberon Shares VR Value
in ISHN Article

Oberon Technology provided insight and expertise on virtual reality training technologies to the publication Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, which can be viewed online here. We discussed many important benefits of virtual reality for job training and education purposes, as well as the use-cases.

Read how VR Training Can Be Beneficial For the Energy Industry


In this article in Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, we discuss issues that are specific to the energy industry, and how virtual reality training technology can provide a cost effective solution to a lot of these issues. This includes:


  • Job training challenges
  • Safety concerns
  • Recruiting
  • Employee retention
  • Employee upskill training
  • And more

Virtual Reality training solutions capture team knowledge into fully immersive virtual experiences that enable faster onboarding, higher levels of training retention and provide innovative ways to recruit younger staff.


The fully immersive VR environments allow employers to effectively screen candidates for challenging and complex roles where safety and resource preservation are of particular concern, by accurately assessing both skills and emotional response. VR experiences allow employers to gauge performance when faced with real-world scenarios. In hours, employees can experience what may take years for them to come across in the field, helping them be more prepared on the job.