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Virtual Reality Training in the Oil and Gas Industry

A White Paper from Oberon Technologies®

VR training can help oil & gas employers lower training costs, reduce errors, improves staff engagement and recruiting.

This white paper shares how companies are using VR training solutions to  more effectively address common challenges such as finding, upskilling and retaining talent while lowering overall training costs and improving the safety of workers in hazardous environments.

Read the full white paper to understand how VR is providing new innovative ways to overcome job training challenges with key topics including:

  • How to overcome the unique difficulties the oil and gas industry faces in attracting and retaining talent.
  • Learn some of the causes behind the difficulties in getting skilled workers to both join your organization and to stay.
  • Learn about the challenges in putting together training programs that actually transfer the lessons over to real-life field work.

Learn how virtual reality training is superior to legacy training techniques

Find out what makes VR training so effective and efficient, and why trainees actually enjoy the experience as they gain new skills.  The fully immersive VR environments make it easier for trainees to practice hazardous scenarios, emergency and safety response procedures, and improve their overall location awareness of the facilities in which they will be working.   Read this paper to learn more about these and other common use cases in the oil & gas industry.

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Virtual Reality can also help reduce the complexity and cost of maintaining oil & gas facilities

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