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VR Training

Virtual Reality Training for Hostile or Dangerous Environments

Virtual Reality Trainingfor Hazardous or Dangerous Environments Accidents happen, but on-the-job training mishaps shouldn’t be one of them. Oberon Technologies helps organizations avoid accidents, prevent injury and prepare for crisis situations. Our virtual reality (VR) training solutions put your employees in photo-realistic environments where they can experience real-world dangers, practice new safety protocols and other […]

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Lockout/Tagout Course

Titania® Lockout/Tagout Procedure Training Learn how to control hazardous energy sourceswhen performing service or maintenance procedures Prepare your team to safely work with energized machinery or equipment – without risking the staff’s safety or damaging your facility.  Trainees can practice standard procedures to shut-down equipment, isolate it from energy sources, and prevent release of potentially

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Warehouse Safety Course

Titania® Warehouse Hazard Recognition Training Keep your workers safe, while also keepingyour business compliant and running smoothly Your warehouse contains not only your stock, but also many hazards.  Warehouse hazards can also change from moment to moment, depending on the tasks employees are performing, the equipment they’re using, and the materials they’re handling.  Make sure

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Fire Equipment Training

Titania® Fire Equipment Training Make sure every employee in your workplace knows when and how to properly attempt to extinguish a fire, should one start. Employers who provide fire extinguishers in the workplace must also provide employees with training that covers the principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards of early stage fire-fighting.  While

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PPE Course

Titania® PPE ProtocolTraining Protect the safety of your employees by teaching them how to minimize their exposure to a variety of hazards Hazards exist in every workplace in many different forms. Simply making PPE available to your employees is not enough to ensure their safety, you must also ensure each employee understands how to select

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