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General Information Delivery

Providing business critical information wherever it’s needed

Titania® puts the power in your hands to dynamically deliver information in any format to any device, while capturing user interactions in both real and virtual environments.

Key Features

Support for all File Types

Dynamically transform XML source to HTML5 in real-time and support delivery of most all file types including PDF, MS Office, graphics, animations, video, VR, and more.

Fully Configurable Look & Feel

Control the style, branding, and localization of your portals. Use out-of-the-box themes, reconfigure all aspects of a theme, or upload your own CSS.

Fast & Intelligent Search

Preserve and leverage the intelligence of your source content to drive faceted and full text search. Use existing attributes, metadata, and file properties or assign new metadata values if needed.

Feedback Capture

Create fully interactive forms to capture user inputs and field data for downstream processes. Optionally enable feedback and commenting on all content.

Optional Offline Delivery

Allow users to take their portal content offline and easily view using a local browser when connection is not possible. Download only what’s needed or the full portal.

Easy Integrations

Combine dynamic content with existing websites, within products, and feed information to other business systems to streamline information delivery wherever it is needed.

Aggregate View from Multiple Sources

Provide users with an aggregate view of all relevant content regardless of the originating source or file format. Easily access all the information you need in one location.

Secure Access

Control what each user sees based on permissions, single-sign-on directory, custom filters, and configurable automated business rules.

Detailed Analytics

Report on any aspect of the portal use including views, search terms, tools used, and location of viewers. Make better business decision with accurate real-time data.

Built on a Scalable Platform

A powerful foundation and flexible foundation

The Titania® Delivery Platform provides the engine, APIs, and all the key capabilities needed to create web portals without burden on your IT or web teams. Purpose-built for performance, scalability, and flexibility, the platform forms the foundation upon which you can add any number of applications, create unlimited portals, upload unlimited content and manage all aspects of your delivery solution. Be prepared for the future with the right foundation. The Titania® Delivery Platform also supports the addition of interactive content. Oberon professionals can help you integrate interactive content in many forms for a variety of use cases.

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