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VR Experiences Increase Repair Efficiencies and Reduce Radiation Exposure 

Each year technicians need to make repairs in the pump rooms of Exelon nuclear plants around the country, however, every time they enter the room to make repairs they are being exposed to radiation, so maximizing efficiency in repair procedures is critical.


Oberon designed a realistic VR environment where trainees could safely practice and master the protocols, perform common repair tasks, and interact with equipment in real life scenarios. Exelon now uses their VR environment in 13 dedicated training rooms. This state-of-the-art training results in significant cost savings and most importantly it reduces radiation exposure for employees. 

VR Lets Parkinson Transport Industrial Machinery Anywhere in the World at No Cost 

Parkinson Technologies participates in many international tradeshows, but the costs of shipping their large-scale equipment to enable event attendees to experience their products was proving very costly.  Oberon worked with Parkinson to create a virtual environment to showcase their entire product line.  Now in one realistic experience, attendees can interact with, learn about, and view the internal working of all 6 machines, 300 feet in total – anywhere in the word without the burden or cost of shipping any equipment.  Parkinson received exceptional news coverage as a result of their unique experience. 

VR Allows Nova Bus Clients’ to Experience Future Products Before They Are Built

As Nova Bus prepared for its largest international transportation Expo, they needed a creative and exciting way to showcase their new Low Floor Series (LFS) bus design without having a bus there.  Working with Oberon, Nova Bus was able to bring a kiosk to the show that allowed visitor to sit in the physical driver’s seat, use the physical steering wheel and with VR googles experience the entire bus from the driver’s perspective. And operators could even take it for a drive are the virtual city block complete with pedestrians and unexpected environmental scenarios.  Nova Bus as the highlight of the event.  


“This highly technological tool (VR) has enabled us to demonstrate the exceptional visibility we offer to bus operators.” 

Digitized Catalog Delivers Always Up-to-Date Product Info

The print edition of Schneider Electric’s 1,000-page North American product catalog was simply too complicated and labor-intensive to update more than once every three years. As a PDF, it was slow to download, incompatible with mobile devices and lacked effective search. Oberon worked Schneider to fully digitize the catalog from source XML and automated online access from anywhere at any time. Content updates now happen quickly and easily, whenever they are needed.

“With Oberon’s services and the Titania Delivery solution, we were able to have all of our content transformed and available online for customers in just five weeks.”

Kevin Habel

Global Product Manager

MOTIF Environment, Schneider Electric

New Tools Cut Time to Create Lake Report by 90% 

The Metropolitan Council annually assesses the health of over 200 lakes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. This results in a report of up to 600 pages. It includes tables, charts, maps, narratives, and more. Producing the report typically took 400 or more hours each year. But working with Oberon Technologies, Met Council has been able to cut this time to 40 hours or less. Oberon integrated best-in-class content creation and delivery tools to automate the yearly reporting task.

“Oberon was able to provide a new workflow that eliminated about 12 steps for our end-users going forward. Very nice!”

Kim Borman

Program Supervisor

Metropolitan Council