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Immersive XR Training Drives Digital Innovation


Get an Inside Look at the Current State of XR Training from Energy and Industrial Sector End Users

As companies are quickly implementing XR initiatives, and especially for remote training, now it is more important than ever to share knowledge and work together to scale. In this exclusive report, sponsored by Oberon Technologies®, discover key insights, including:
  • Which departments own the VR strategy?
  • Where are organizations seeing the most value from VR training?
  • What are the challenges of XR training adoption?
  • What are the main business cases being used to grow VR adoption?

XR Training is Transforming Industrial, Energy and Engineering Enterprises

Enterprises are using immersive worlds to train employees on everything from equipment operation and hazardous environments to safety and conflict resolution.   Trainees are learning more, learning it faster, and have better outcomes—while reducing cost, coordination burden, and safety risk compared to only in-person training. When XR is applied to the right training scenarios, organizations realize exceptional benefits.   “Most enterprises don’t know the true costs of their current training methods, until we begin to compare them to VR alternatives as we help them craft their business case.” – Vi Kellersohn, Oberon Technologies® In this report from Industrial XR Forum and Oberon Technologies®, learn about the current state of XR training in industrial applications, with industry statistics, end user case studies, current challenges and resources.

On-demand Presentation – Summary & Key Insights from the Industrial XR Forum Training Sector Report

Panelists from Industrial XR Forum and Oberon share key insights from the Industrial XR Training Survey Sector Report including:

  • Most common objectives of industrial XR programs
  • Where enterprises see the most value of VR training
  • How VR training best impacts bottom lines
  • Greatest barriers to adopting VR training

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