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Deliver More Value as
Your Solution Matures

Titania provides the Foundation for Dynamic Delivery and Interactivity at Any Level

Information delivery needs will vary across your organization and over time, make sure your delivery technology is ready to support all your varying needs. The Titania’s Delivery platform is designed to easily scale and support any levels of information delivery and interactivity. Provide the most effective information experiences and increase the value to your users.


At every level of Delivery and Interactivity Maturity there’s value – higher levels of maturity provide even greater value. 

Level 1 

Static content 

Deliver page-based outputs. (PDFs and static HTML) 

Level 2

Dynamic content components 

Deliver user specific content dynamically assembled based on inquiry, user profiles or unique needs. (XML, HTML 5, animations, and video.) 

Level 3

Interactive content delivery

Capture user inputs to collect critical data or simply guide and provide user information. (Interactive HTML5 forms)

Level 4

IoT enabled content delivery 

Capture user and machine inputs to guide users to the most relevant information and capture accurate field data.

Level 5

Intelligent content delivery AI, AR, VR

Enable bi-directional information sharing using content to trigger communications with machines and humans. (VR, AR and AI information delivery)