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Titania® eIFU Delivery Solutions

Fast, accurate, global availability of eIFUs on any device

Get the power and flexibility you need to take control of all your online delivery needs. Titania® helps you streamline the upload and online publishing processes to effortlessly post approved eIFUs in every required language and all target formats (e.g. PDF, HTML5, video). From any device on any browser your users can quickly navigate to the exact eIFU needed.

Key Features

Global Access

Provide access to all IFUs by country and language as needed.

Fully Configurable Look

Control the style, branding, and localization of your portals. Use out-of-the-box themes, reconfigure any aspect of a theme, or upload your own CSS.

Fast & Intelligent Search

Allow users to quickly locate the exact eIFU needed using full-text or faceted searches, driven by file properties and metadata values which you can set.

Added Resources

Ensure compliance with direct links to request printed IFUs and access technical support globally.

Easy Integrations

Combine dynamic eIFU content within existing websites and feed information to other business systems wherever it is needed.

Secure Access

Control what each user sees based on permissions, single-sign-on directory, custom filters, and configurable automated business rules.

Detailed Analytics

Report on any aspect of the portal use including views, search terms, and location of viewers. Make better business decision with accurate real-time data.

Built on a Scalable Platform

A foundation for addressing future delivery needs

The Titania® Delivery Platform provides the engine, APIs, and all the key capabilities needed to create web portals without burden on your IT or web teams. Purpose-built for performance, scalability, and flexibility, the platform forms the foundation upon which you can add any number of documents including Patient Leaflets, Product, Service and Training information, and more. 

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