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Content Delivery Solutions

Deliver information in all formats to everyone who needs it



Make information easily available in any real or virtual environment 



Filter, guide and track information access by portal or user profile 

Drive Greater


Unlimited portals, unlimited content, and unlimited users allow for unlimited ROI opportunities 



Immediately leverage pre-configured courses for common needs like safety & OSHA training

With Titania cloud-based content solutions, everyone across your ecosystem can easily find, interact with and even create exactly the information needed from any computer, tablet or mobile device. 

“Our dynamic DITA content delivery portal was online and integrated with our website in just 35 days. We can now continue to add content and fix errors in a timely manner. Responsive content on mobile has allowed us to leapfrog competitors.”

Kevin Habel

Schneider Electric 

Titania Solutions 

General Information Delivery + forms 

Create custom portals that all you to deliver content in any format to any device. Optional interactive and offline modules allow you to capture user inputs and integrate with both real and virtual business systems. 



Make all approved eIFU content readily available on a standards compliant portal that can be accessed from any computer or smart device. Leverage the platform to also post patient leaflets and other product information. 

Web Collaboration


This suite provides a Web Editor and Web Reviewer with a simple intuitive interface that captures valid XML behind the scenes via any browser. Casual authors and reviewers can easily collaborate with your documentation team. 

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