Oberon Technologies

Content Management System (CMS) Quick Start

Be production ready in 12 weeks or less

Experience the quickest path to seeing benefits, realizing savings and gaining adoption is getting the first document produced in the shortest time possible with the new content management solution (CMS). Combining industry leading software with the most experienced service consultants, Oberon Technologies can have your complete documentation system ready to “go-live” in 12 weeks or less.


To ensure successful adoption, Oberon helps your documentation staff get the knowledge they need too.  The CMS Quick Start includes detailed knowledge transfer workshops, weekly communications with subject matter experts, and hands-on usability labs.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve fastest time to value
  • Deploy at lower cost over custom solution
  • Maximize use of out-of-the-box technology capabilities
  • Secure content in industry standard and tools-agnostic format (DITA, XML)
  • Speed content updates, localization and document delivery
  • Meet current and future needs with a scalable and configurable system

Elements of a Quick Start Package


  • Component Content Management System
  • XML Authoring tools
  • Stylesheet Development tool
  • Publishing Engine
  • *Optional Dynamic Online Delivery – HTML5 output, free portal for 60-days
  • *Optional Web Editor for contributors and Web Review tools


  • Software focused
    • Software configuration – CMS, editor, publishing engine
    • One branded stylesheet for PDF output
    • Installation in production and test/QA environment
    • Translation configuration (if needed)

Staff Support

  • Knowledge Transfer Workshops for users and administrators
  • User Hands-on Usability Labs – over a 4-week period
  • Weekly calls with SMEs for Q&A and lessons learned discussions
Oberon’s CMS Quick Start package gives you everything you will need to increase the efficiency of your documentation teams and provide your organization with the foundation to achieve added savings in the future and to create new savings and revenue opportunities.  Ask our solution architect for more details and a quote.  Request Info!