Oberon Technologies

Oberon Technologies® Reports 53% Titania® Software Growth in FY 2023

Ann Arbor, MI, Feb 19, 2024 – Oberon Technologies®, Inc., a leading provider of innovative extended reality (XR) training and information delivery technologies, today reported financial results for the 2023 fiscal year which ended December 31, 2023. The company reported a 53% growth in Titania® software revenue when compared to fiscal year 2022, continuing strong SaaS growth.


Oberon continues to invest in building its ecosystem by adding staff with new and advanced skills and partners in key technology and market areas.  “With both the customer base and product portfolio growing, it’s critical to add key resources to maintain our 100% project success track record and continue to delight clients by completing projects on-time and on budget,” says Joe Jenkins, VP of Partnerships and Business Development.  Titania® Delivery Platform provides enterprise critical information to our clients’ consumers, both internal and external.  Making information readily accessible and available to all who need it results in increased employee and customer satisfaction.

Continuous improvement is a tenet of Oberon’s growth. Adding high quality staff is just one way to improve the products, offerings and performance of the entire team.   Oberon grew staff by 20% and partnerships by 50% in 2023.  Reinvesting in the organization was a focus in 2023, with positive results on both bottom line and productivity gains.  Oberon continues to focus on helping its client advance to the next levels in their digital transformation journey leveraging the latest technology and best practices.  Oberon’s expert solution architects are able to meet clients where they are on their digital transformation journey and help them move forward, plan for the future and identify all the resources they need to succeed.