Oberon Technologies

Oberon Technologies® Releases Version 2023.2 Web-Based Collaboration Tools Improving Review and Editing for all SMEs

Ann Arbor, MI – August 1, 2023 – Oberon Technologies®, a leading content solution provider and implementer, released version 2023.2 of the Titania® web-based collaboration tools with additional functionality to improve intuitive authoring and streamline review by all content experts.

The new features in this release include:

  • Ability to add attachments to annotations including JPEG, JPG and PNG files, with preview of attached image in the annotations dialog.
  • Expiration date on annotations, with a notice to reviewers that the review period has expired preventing them for creating any comments.
  • Configurable comment types, enabling users to set type to align with their needs
  • More intuitive navigation with improvements to outline view, sidebars and annotation balloons.
  • Graphical badges added to outline to easily indicate status states of content.
  • Enabling cross linking between topics or content within a topic.
  • SDK support for client development.
  • New license expiration warning, notifying users 30 days prior to application license expiration.

The updated features in this release include:

  • Improved table functionality including cell operations to merge, split and remove rows and tale size, expansion and toolbar operations.
  • Improved use of common CTRL shortcuts to enable removing all markup, navigating to next and previous annotation balloons, and table frames and figures.
  • Improved application configuration during upgrades by separating custom and default configuration files at the root folder.

Todd Burdin, Product Owner says “We are dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations and anticipating their future needs. With this release, we have introduced features on client roadmaps for the future as well as numerous improvements to the intuitive operation of both Web Editor and Web Reviewer.  Our goal is to continue to make it possible for any users to contribute to the documentation process regardless of their familiarity of XML or technical publications tools.”

“It’s exciting to see the ways our clients are expanding the use of Web Editor and Web Reviewer within their enterprise ecosystem,” says Scott Youngblom, vice president of worldwide sales. “We are seeing use by 1000s of field technicians and growing adoption among engineering teams, enabling greater access and accuracy of information across the enterprise.”

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