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Oberon Introduces Web-Based Authoring and Review Tools that Simplify Collaboration on XML Source Content

Ann Arbor, MI – August 2020- Oberon Technologies®, a leading content solution provider and implementer, released two new web-based tools which dramatically simplify XML content editing and review for SMEs and casual contributors. The Web Editor and Web Reviewer in the Titania® Windchill Web Collaboration Suite provide an intuitive user interface (UI) that guides users and doesn’t require any knowledge of tagging or XML code, making it easy to streamline all aspects of the content production process.


The Titania® Windchill Web Collaboration Suite provides all the critical capabilities, power, and flexibility needed to overcome the challenges and complexities of using traditional XML authoring and review tools so you can:

  • Shorten content creation, review, and publishing cycles
  • Simplify capture of text and non-textual content for contributors
  • Eliminate documentation burdens on SMEs, IT, and authoring teams
  • Improve consistency and accuracy of product information
  • Improve time-to-market


“With direct input from knowledge workers across the enterprise, documentation teams can simultaneously improve the quality of the content and speed the production process” says Todd Burdin, Product Owner. “Our goal was to remove the burden of XML while still capturing the value of structured content and the automation it makes possible.”


Titania® Web Editor

The Titania® Web Editor enables casual authors and SMEs to easily create content that can be directly integrated into the documentation process by leveraging key features including:

  1. Intuitive, web-based interface
  2. Real-time XML validation with no visible tagging
  3. Support for non-textual content (e.g. graphics, equations, video)
  4. Support for Global Languages
  5. Seamless integration with PTC’s Windchill and other data stores


Titania® Web Reviewer

The Titania® Web Reviewer makes content reviews easier and faster by focusing reviewers on only relevant information components, enabling collaborative online review, and automating the integration of feedback directly into source content with the following features:

  1. Simultaneous commenting and annotations
  2. Real-time collaboration
  3. Complete or filtered view of comments
  4. Clear detail on review needed and resolution
  5. Single click to accept proposed changes


Windchill UI Integration

Out-of-the-box integrations to the industry leading PLM system, PTC’s Windchill, makes it easy for R&D teams and other SMES to leverage the workflow automation, component content management, and collaboration capabilities of this industry-leading PLM system to enable content contributors, reviewers, and authors to easily work together throughout the content production process.


Explore the many ways the Titania® Windchill Web Collaboration Suite can help you capture valuable input from all participants across your content ecosystem to produce the best possible product and service information for your consumers.


About Oberon Technologies®

Oberon Technologies® provides expert services and software to help organizations create and deliver structured content that is optimized for web, mobile devices, and consumer needs. With decades of experience implementing content lifecycle solutions with innovative new technologies for interactive information delivery, Oberon enables its clients to efficiently provide information to their customers, both in physical and virtual worlds. From simple web authoring tools to immersive virtual reality environments, Oberon consultants will architect, design, implement, and optimize solutions that align to requirements, while setting the foundation for future needs. Oberon’s extensive experience and expertise have helped hundreds of companies reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve information quality. For more information, visit oberontech.wpengine.com.