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Oberon Announces Issuance of Two New U.S. Patents Allowing Unique Enhancements to VR Training Experiences

Ann Arbor, MI – March 29, 2023 – Oberon Technologies®, Inc., a leading provider of innovative extended reality (XR) training and information delivery technologies, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued two new patents, No. 11,615,581 (the ‘581 patent) and No. 11.610.363 (the ‘363 patent)  further strengthening the Company’s intellectual property position and coverage for the enhancement of the Company’s virtual reality solution offerings.

The ‘581 patent and the ‘363 patent both titled “Systems and methods for securing providing virtual environments” are directed at methods and systems for dynamic, reconfigurable virtual reality environments and in-environment access to data.

The ‘581 patent details a new way of sending XR modules (virtual, augmented, or mixed reality applications) only when they are needed. It saves any changes made to the content and keeps the data safe so that no one can access it without permission.

The ‘363 patent details a new way of changing how virtual, augmented, or mixed reality applications work, allowing them to access and use external data that can be changed, and letting you customize parts of the virtual environment based on different situations or conditions.

“The two issued patents demonstrate our commitment to developing XR solutions that provide our clients with the power and flexibility to configure dramatically different virtual experiences for various users from beginner through experts, with no need to recode or recompile the experiences” said Scott Allen, CIO of Oberon “By providing our client’s instructors and administrators with external mechanisms for modifying aspects of the virtual experience we not only help them dramatically reduce cost and time needed to make changes or updates, we help position them for quick adaptation to future needs.”