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Leveraging Service Information to Drive Service Efficiency and Profitability

Today, OEMs and service organizations face escalating competitive pressure in the form of increasing product complexity and heightened customer expectations. The right service and parts information is not always readily available, negatively impacting service efficiency and profitability.


Watch this on-demand webcast recording, where you will hear from Heather Ashton, Research Manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights, and Jennifer Shafarenko, Manager of Customer Service with The Lincoln Electric Company, as they discuss:

  • Industry research on the impact of the information gap at the point of service delivery
  • Best practices that can be used to successfully meet these critical business challenges head-on
  • A case study presentation outlining The Lincoln Electric Company’s approach to service information delivery and the resulting business benefits


To view the webinar watch here.

If you’d like to explore ways in which your organization can improve service efficiency contact Oberon’s service info experts to discuss your specific needs and share insights learned.  Our technology expert are also available to provide demonstrations of industry leading solutions.